Leftstronger is an amazing band that performs all original music in the style of Alice in Chains, Shinedown, Creed and Soundgarden. Leftstronger's music combines all the elements of great, radio-friendly rock and roll: catchy hooks, hard-driving rhythms and strong vocal harmonies.

Singer/song writer, Jesse Magee uses his amazing vocal 4+ octave vocal range to dramatic effect and has been said to be the best singer on the East Coast. Jesse's songs all have meaning, so they resonate with fans after only one play. The tunes are enhanced by the extraordinary guitar playing of Mike Rice, Russell Hayward III on drums and Tony Nelson on bass.  Jesse and his guitarist performed in front of 60,000 people for the largest Earth Day Festival in the nation at the National Mall in DC. Leftstronger has performed many times at excellent venues in the Baltimore/DC Area, including headlining Rams Head LIVE! with an incredible response to over 400 people!

Jesse, the lead singer and songwriter has accomplished all this and more despite his personal challenges of being legally blind and having cerebral palsy on his right side. His talent speaks for itself and nothing will stand in his way of his success and being a role model for others.

Leftstronger has played most of the clubs with-in the Baltimore Region. All musicians are extremely professional, dedicated and reliable.  The band is awesome ...with Jesse at the helm, his amazing song writing and vocals, range and pitch-that are rarely heard in this area. 

Leftstronger released their debut full-length CD entitled "So Close," early in March 2010. Recorded at Sheffield Studios and mixed at Writeway Studios in March 2010. Kudos and a big thanks to the musicians, Jake at Sheffield, and Steve Wright for the amazing job!

The new CD, Pieces was completed this past spring! 10 new catchy original songs recorded at Sheffield again with Jake Mossman and mixed and mastered at Deep End Studios with Tony Corelli. You will be truly awed by the new tunes!

See their website www.LeftStronger.com for more info.


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1. Sick and Tired
2. Monster
3. Gone Forever
4. Hard Road
5. Believe
6. Six Years
7. One Hot Rocker
8. Pieces
9. Broken Lies
10. Something Now


1. So Close
2. Reborn
3. Chance For Romance
4. Drunken Wreck
5. Can It Be
6. Change The World
7. Open Your Mind
8. 1-5-06
9. Riot
10. Put Up A Fight
11. Pain & Misery
12. No More


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Jesse was born into a family who loved music. He is an upbeat, easy going musician whose musical career developed rapidly during his teen years when he discovered that he excelled in many types of musical endeavors despite his having cerebral palsy on his right side and being legally blind.

As a little boy, he became interested in playing the drums, listening to blues music and practicing the vocals and lyrics for every Seattle grunge band that came on the scene. Later, he began performing songs at local coffee houses and asking local bands if they would mind a walk-on. The crowds roared for this young man who shook the venue without any warning!

At 16 years old, he was already an accomplished drummer even though his drum instructor said he could not play without proper use of his right side. As a self-taught drummer, he was the envy of his peers and now one of the best drummers and drum instructors for children of all ability levels, specializing in children with disabilities.

The guitar playing began in his teens. He had to play the guitar upside down and without the fancy finger work. This has helped him to write incredible, catchy soulful songs with lots of hooks. Through some very lonely years and many bands in High School, he was left behind by his peers who didn’t understand his disability. As he grew to be a man, he kept writing more and more original songs, practiced singing and perfected his craft, all which helped him cope with the isolation.

With now over 60 original songs written with power and emotion, Jesse has performed live many times within the Baltimore music scene, and beyond.


Started playing guitar at 7. Took lessons From Clarence "Hank" Goddard who also taught Brad Paisley several years later, Actively playing in bands 40 years covering Classic Rock Modern Rock and originals. Influences are Randy Rhoads Eddie Van Halen Zakk Wylde Stevie Ray Vaughan.


Tony Nelson is a kid from Baltimore who loves music and wanted to be a rock star. At the young age of 10, he would beat on the drums and play congo's in an attempt to be in his older brother's band. Since an overwelming amount of kids were interested in playing drums, Tony's brother introduced him to the bass guitar, which he instantly fell in love with. Playing bass guitar came natural to him.

At age 12 he was accepted in his brothers band , To Hot To Stop. This multi-genre mostly original/cover band would stay together for 5 yrs, opening for major acts for Baltimore city concerts and fairs as well as a few touring bands at the band stand on broadway. when To Hot To Stop broke up, Tony Joined several all original bands, played countless shows and recorded numerous tracks. 

Tony has played in bands such as Nexx Level and Pierce who recieved major interest from labels like Motown Records and Aja music and films in NewYork City. Now tony has embarked on an exciting new band, LeftStronger. In the relms of some of his favorite bands, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, and Alice In Chains, Leftstronger has brought the good rock back to listeners. Leftstronger is an amazing talented group of musicians and he has found his home.