So Close

This song is about longing and rejection. Rejection of an outsider by the popular folks, that is. Just because you are an outsider, well, there's plenty of us, we have feelings, and were not a joke. So, please don't play me.

Chance For Romance

Everyone wants a chance for romance. It doesn't always work out, but it's always worth while to persue.


This is about rebuilding yourself after a crisis, about bouncing back and continuing to live your life. "As I fade away, I break my shell and be reborn!"

This song has a lot to do with what Leftstronger really means: I was knocked down, but I was reborn and left stronger because of that experience.

Drunken Wreck

Let's clear this up first: This is an anti-drinking and driving song. It just sounds like a cool party song. But the message is pretty straightforward. I know plenty of people who'd have too much to drink then get behind the wheel, and that's a recipe for disaster. After all, this guy never made it to the party...

Can It Be

This is a question: Can it be, that there's a future for us together?

I'll wait and see, because you're the one I turned to, the one one who saved me, the one who made me survive.

To all lovers who are bound together by a painful experience, this one goes out to you.

Change The World

This is a call to change the world in two ways: to change the world we live in, to spread the word of peace and love, and to change your own personal world by moving on or changing your behavior or environment. Without fading away. Not easy, but worthwhile.

Open Your Mind

I'm pretty angry here. I keep getting put down, but people should open their minds, to see me as I really am.

This applies equally to people with disabilities, people of different races or national origin, or anyone who might be seen as "different". It is call for us to change people's minds, and for other people to open up, be more respectful, be more accepting of differences.

Is this asking too much?

Production Notes: Yes, that is one long note (15 seconds!) near the end of the song. Not a studio trick, Jesse holds that note every time he performs this song live.





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